Kaleej Adan Security and Training Services (KAS) are a Security and Training provider operating out of Southern Iraq. As an experienced indigenous company KAS has built a reputation of operational excellence that has resulted in KAS becoming a leading provider of robust, dynamic and cost effective security solutions within the Iraq private security sector.

Our approach to security is to maintain a high level of professionalism through knowledge of security procedures combined with good interaction with the local community to produce only the highest standard of service to the client. 

As a 100% Iraqi owned company with expatriate management, we employ 95% Local Nationals. We always endeavour to employ from the local community and support the local population in every area that we conduct our operations.

Our strength stems from the ability and dedication of our skilled and devoted staff. Our management is a strong team that consists of experienced professionals that possess a shared strategic vision and a track record of tangible results.

We invest heavily in the training and development of our employees in order to exceed the high industry demands and trust them to deliver in terms of quality, performance and integrity.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the community in which we work we ensure that Cultural Awareness it a big part of the continuation training we give to all our employees. We invest heavily in our staff and aid their development at every level.

Our ethos is to train our staff well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough so they don’t want too


To achieve our vision to “become the leading provider of Security and Training in Iraq and supply

superior solutions to our clients while simultaneously enhancing the community in which we work”, we constantly strive to pursue our enduring company goals:

Goal I

Inspire trust in our clients…. Remain passionate about delivering security with fairness,

honesty and Integrity

Goal II

Improve our Profession…. Promote competence, ethical conduct and Professionalism

Goal III: 

Build our reputation of excellence…constantly evaluate and improve service to create a

culture of Quality

Goal IV:

Provide the highest standard of services…through experience, flexibility, and Commitment


KAS achieved a place on the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO) approved providers list in November 2014. 

Then went on to receive accreditation as an approved provider for Shell Iraq Petroleum Development (SIPD) in September 2014. 

We then followed on from these achievements by successfully passing the Basra Gas Company (BGC) audit process with zero corrective actions, to receive a position on the BGC approved providers list in November 2014.

These achievements make KAS one of the few Security Companies to be approved by all three of

these organizations.

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